Eco-Flex® for Industrial and the Oil & Gas Industry

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At Eco-Flex® we pride ourselves in continuing to innovate to provide sustainable solutions to impactful industry leaders.

We are on a mission to fulfill the needs of companies desiring to become more eco-conscious.

Our Eco-Flex® products address environmental concerns and stand up to the harsh conditions for which they were created.


Some of the most commonly
asked Questions

How does the Eco-Flex® product compare to other products in the similar market applications in functionality.
Eco-Flex® has been manufacturing products from recycled rubber for over 30 years.  When asked to compare to similar products, there really are not any to compare to.  For this reason, the comparable products are concrete, wood, or vinyl.  In all cases, Eco-Flex® has many advantages to offer.  One thing to consider is that rubber does not decompose, crack or lose structural strength over time so longevity is the main advantage.  Other advantages are strength and flexibility.  Rubber is one of the few products that can withstand any weather condition including extreme heat, intense cold, and wet or dry climates to name a few.  The rubber will never crack or break even during an earthquake or hurricane.  It will remain elastic throughout its entire lifespan.
How durable are Eco-Flex® products?
Since Eco-Flex® products are manufactured from recycled tires, it takes on the same durability characteristics as a tire. It takes a long period of time for tires to disintegrate. Eco-Flex® products are 97% tire rubber and will last for many years.
What is the Taber abrasion?
Astm c 501 tested: wear index 270 (using heavy duty abrading wheels and 100 grams of pressure on each wheel at 1000 cycles).
What is the density hardness?
Astm2240 tested: shore a 63, compressed to 2000 psi.
What is the skid resistance?
Astm 303 tested: average 66 dry & 43 wet.
What is the thermal resistance?
R-value of 2.20 per 1" of thickness. (ie) 2" thick tile provides R-value rating of 4.40