Eco-Flex® for Municipalities

We are working with Municipalities all over the World to build Smart, Eco-Friendly Communities.

The global voice demands we move forward with Smart communities that are built to last with recycled products.

We have a choice in what material is used for sound barrier walls, sidewalks and more. With Eco-Flex® it's a much more eco-friendly choice.

As a decision maker for the people that trust you to make the right choices for their communities, partnering with Eco-Flex®  means a brighter future for generations to come with a greener environment, less waste and a more sustainable and beautiful City.

Others have already started their journey with us. We would love to share our vision with you.


Some of the most commonly
asked Questions

How does the Eco-Flex® product compare to other products in the similar market applications in functionality.
Eco-Flex® has been manufacturing products from recycled rubber for over 30 years.  When asked to compare to similar products, there really are not any to compare to.  For this reason, the comparable products are concrete, wood, or vinyl.  In all cases, Eco-Flex® has many advantages to offer.  One thing to consider is that rubber does not decompose, crack or lose structural strength over time so longevity is the main advantage.  Other advantages are strength and flexibility.  Rubber is one of the few products that can withstand any weather condition including extreme heat, intense cold, and wet or dry climates to name a few.  The rubber will never crack or break even during an earthquake or hurricane.  It will remain elastic throughout its entire lifespan.
What are Eco-Flex® products made from?
Eco-Flex® products are made from recycled rubber crumb from tires and urethane resin binder.
What equipment is needed to install the HD Eco-Wall panels?
The HD Eco-Wall® is very simple to install. Since the panels weigh under 300 pounds each (compared to the concrete panels that can weigh up to 5,000 pounds each) only light equipment such as a mini hoe or light picker is required. There is no need for cranes or heavy equipment and in most cases, the road does not have to be closed during installation.
Can the Eco-Wall sound barrier product stand up to extreme conditions?
We hold a ASTM class C fire resistant rating and have added fire suppressant to the product. The Eco-Wall® has withstood the Class 4 Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX with no damage and even contributed to saving some of the area's buildings from damage as well.
Do Eco-Flex® products smell like rubber?
All our Eco-Flex® products are manufactured with low VOC (volatile organic compound) ingredients. Each rubber granule is encapsulated so it does not off-gas.
How does Eco-Flex® rubber material withstand vandalism?
The density of this rubber surface allows for spray paint to be power washed away if done so within a few days. The surface is not porous, gum will not as readily stick to the surface and can also be power washed away. The density also provides durability against knives for carving initials, etc. As for theft or vandalism due to removal, the sections are quite heavy and not that easy to access or lift once installed. It would be as cumbersome as stealing interlocking pavers. As for burning, the product is fire rated and will not ignite on the surface.

Tire Equivalent Chart

How many tires are removed from landfills
in the manufacturing of our products?

Tire equivalent
Rumble Strip
Ez-Drive® Curb Ramps
Parking Stop
Tire equivalent
Yukon Access Mat 4.2"
Yukon Pad Plus Mat 4.2"
Helicopter Pad
Eco-Walk Pad 3.2"
Eco-Walk Industrial Walkways
Safety Walkways
Yukon Ramp
Container Ramp
Rubber Planks 3" with wire
Rubber Planks 1.5" with wire
Industrial Floor Mats 1/2"
Industrial Floor Mats 1"
Tire equivalent
Sidewalk Blocks 2'x3'
Sidewalk Blocks 4'x5'
Transition Sidewalk Ramp
Patio Blocks 2'x2'
Patio Blocks 4'x5'
I-Mat Interlock
Keystone Interlock
HD Eco-Wall