Access Granted with Rubber Safety & Industrial Walkways

Made with 100% recycled rubber, the
Eco-Walk Industrial Walkways
provide a permanent or temporary access solution.

These walkways have many applications including industrial camp access between structures and protective surfaces for utility crossings.

Eco-Flex® eco-walk - Safety Walkways for access solutions in the toughest environments.

Designed with a unique overlapping linking system and textured surface, the Eco-Walk provides excellent traction for all types of traffic in all types of climates.


Why use eco-Walk?

Eco Flex Environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Made with 100% recycled rubber.

Extremely Durable

Comprised of crumb rubber, urethane and fibre making them stable, secure and very long-lasting.


The anti-slip surface is textured to provide excellent traction for all types of traffic. Pads come with reflective yellow tape on the edges for added safety.


The Eco-Walk is moulded into sections and is designed to be linked together using a unique overlap system which makes the transition between the sections seamless.

Resilient to Absorption & Infestation

Mats do not absorb any ground water, therefore weigh the same when removed. No insect or disease cross contamination from site to site.

Easy Maintenance & Handling

Easy to wash off. Easy to install and remove.