Eco-Flex® Equine

Built for Comfort.
Beautiful Interlock Tiles For Stables and Walkways.

Made from 100% recycled rubber, our equine products are durable and perfect for use in horse stables, barns and walkways.

Eco-Flex® is the leader in equine flooring

Designed for comfort, stability and appearance our equine flooring options are perfect for your prized team.


Why Eco-Flex® equine?

Eco Flex Environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Made with 100% recycled rubber.
Protecting our Environment, one recycled tire at a time.
Eco Flex Sustainable


Our products are 100% recyclable.
Eco Flex durable and long lasting

Durable & Long Lasting

Our products maintain the enviable qualities of rubber including durability under rough climate and conditions.


Our products have a non-slip surface.

High Flexibility

Our products will not break when dropped or mis-handled.

Easy to Install

Our Equine products are easy to install or remove.