Eco-Flex® Yukon® Rig Matting

Durable, Heavy Duty and Reliable Rig Mats and More

When you need to gain access our rig mats are the eco-friendly choice. A single Eco-Flex® Yukon® Rig Mat is made from approximately 165 recycled rubber tires. Rubber Yukon® Rig Mats are proven to be higher quality in comparison to conventional manufacturing techniques and materials.

Flexible enough to endure changing terrain. Strong enough to withstand heavy equipment.

Comprised of recycled tires, these rubber rig mats are flexible enough to endure changing terrain and able to withstand tracked equipment or chained tires.


Why use Eco-flex® yukon®

Eco Flex Environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Made with 100% recycled rubber.

Extremely Durable

Our products are 100% recyclable. We are Protecting our Environment, one recycled tire at a time.
Eco Flex durable and long lasting

Durable & Long Lasting

Our products maintain the enviable qualities of rubber including durability under rough climate and conditions.

Create Safer work Environments

Rubber is a natural insulator, keeping the cold in the ground longer enabling the road to be in service for an extended period of time in the northern permafrost regions.

Resilient to Absorption & Infestation

Mats do not absorb any ground water, therefore weigh the same when removed.  No insect or disease cross contamination from site to site.

Easy Maintenance & Handling

Easy to wash off.  Optional lifting lugs available.

What others are saying
about the Eco-flex® yukon®

“Historically we’ve used mats made of wood or composite materials to access pipelines and
protect environmental areas during cleanups. Rubber is lighter, allowing for rapid transport of
many mats if roads are underweight restriction and can be easily cleaned for the next job,”
“We’re constantly working with vendors to understand what products they offer that can support our corporate social responsibility commitments.  In addition to evaluating costs, we’re putting more weighting on environmental criteria in how we select our products.  The mat is a great example of how we’ve applied this thinking.”