About Eco-Flex®

Eco-Flex® is an Industry Leader for Recycled Rubber Products.

When we started this journey 30 years ago, we didn't just join an industry, we created it.

With approximately 250 million scrap tires being generated annually and an estimated 2-3 billion existing stock pile, a serious problem is arising in North America. That is why we use recycled tires to make our products. It is the reason we go to work every day.

Eco-Flex® is proud to be making a global difference.

You can too.

From our

Making the world greener through recycled rubber.

From the first product, the Cozy Cow Mattress, an antibacterial, anti-fungal mat made from recycled tires, Champagne Edition Inc. has grown into an environmentally-friendly, international industry leader in the manufacturing of high-value, high-quality wares made from recycled rubber for commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural applications.

We are aiming to become a preeminent manufacturer of value-added, end-use, innovative products, made from 100% recycled rubber and to ensure all recyclable rubber is utilized in the most valuable manner for the environment and the world.

By continuing to create awareness and demand for the company’s high caliber rubber surfacing products, Champagne Edition Inc. is one step closer to converting rubber crumb into a commodity, rather than a century-old problem. To that end, our company, with up to 50 employees, operates out of a 35,000 square-foot plant – use 11 million pounds of material per month, equal to 500,000 tires monthly or 6 million tires a year.

Champagne Edition Inc.’s growth is a testament to the company’s ability and expertise to develop quality, environmentally-friendly, high-value, end-use recycled rubber products.

Alan Champagne
Eco-Flex® President

Research &

The experienced Eco-Flex® research and development team engineers all Eco-Flex® products in-house.

The Eco-Flex® product line is constantly evolving with the needs of municipal, industrial and commercial clients, and we offer custom design and manufacturing to suit any application.