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A durable scaffolding solution.

Eco-Flex® Scaffold Support Pads and Stackers provide extra support to scaffold base plates where required. They will surely come in handy in any worksite. Pads and Stackers are sold separately and are not required to stack together for all applications. Stackers have protruding outserts in the bottom-side and intruding inserts on the top-side to stack on other Stackers when required. Whether just a single pad or pairing a pad and stackers together, these unique products assist in providing a solid foundation for scaffolding frames.

Support Pad Size: 1’  W x 1’ L x 3” (3/8” insert)

Support Pad Weight: 15 lbs | 2.3 kg

Support Stacker Size: 2’  W x 2’ L x 2.5” (3/8” insert)

Support Stacker Weight: 50 lbs

Applications: Construction sites

Shipping: FOB Manufacturer

  • Easy handling, simple and quick installation
  • No heavy equipment required to be installed
  • Easily placed, relocated and removed as needed
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable product, made from 100% recycled rubber tires
  • Resistant to rot, flaking, termites or other insects