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Installation Rubber Flooring


Eco-Flex products are not warranted against improper or faulty installation.

Installation instructions for the following Eco-Flex products: 3′ x 3′ Square Yard Tiles or 2′ x 2′ Patio Blocks over an existing surface.



Eco-Flex tiles can be installed over plywood, cement or asphalt. For wooden decks, it is recommended to cover the deck with treated plywood, however, if installing over 2×4, or 2×6, gaps between the boards cannot exceed ¼” and must be free of rot. For cement or asphalt, ensure cracks are filled.

All resurfacing applications are recommended to be completely glued and fastened to the base.



  1. Ensure the Eco-Flex product is kept cool to average temperature prior to and during installation.
  2. Ensure there is an open 24 hour period without precipitation.
  3. Flash torch or wipe bottom of tiles with paint thinner or acetone to remove silicone releaser residue to ensure tight bond with adhesive.
  4. Lay out tiles and determine pattern/location/cuts. It is recommended to start at an edge or corner or minimize cuts.
  5. Pour a small amount of glue on surface and use a 1/16 V-notch grooved trowel to spread glue.
  6. Lay the tiles in place over glue, no more than 4 tiles at a time. Apply pressure to the tile to contact glue.

Eco-Flex does not sell installation adhesives.  Adhesive recommendations will be provided by calling head office at 866-326-3539.

  • 2′ x 2′ Patio Block Overlap Link:  Same steps as above apply.  In addition, it is also recommended to glue the overlap link of each tile. Apply dabs of Gorilla Glue Gel along the under-lap edge as instructed on the bottle and slightly smear to the vertical edge prior to placing a following tiles’ overlap edge on top. Apply pressure to the seam and hold for approximately 10 seconds. Seam will be fully bonded in 24 hours. For installations that cannot be glued down and are intended to act as a free-float system (ie: waterproof membranes, etc), the overlap seams are recommended be glued at a minimum.  If there are containment edges, 1/2″ spacing should be left to allow for expansion room.

Warning: Super glue is quick setting glue. It is recommended to still allow a 24 hr period with no precipitation and be careful with application to reduce spread to the surface of the tiles.

Additional Tips: The tiles can be coated with a silicone release agent residue when new. To instantly remove releaser prior to gluing, it is recommended to flash torch or wipe quickly with acetone on rag.

Use an exacto knife and straight edge as a guide to cut the tiles and/or to scrap extra visible glue from seams.

Adhesives will require a full 24 hours to cure and cannot come into contact with precipitation during that time.

For any installation over a wood base, it is highly recommended to use a nail gun to secure the tiles down in addition to gluing. Nail heads will countersink into the tile and not be visible but are an extra measure to mitigate movement.  Nail every 6″ along outer edge of tiles.  This is recommended for both resurfacing products: Square Yard Tiles and 2′ x 2′ Patio Blocks

 Material is recycled and slight variance in size is to be expected. Rubber naturally expands and contracts and therefore, may need to be maneuvered and handled during install to find the best fit.






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