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Equine Stall

"When the vet prescribed for my permanently lame horse to be stalled 24-7 either in stall with a mat or 12" of bedding, a major decision had to be made to accommodate him for the rest of his life in our run-in shelter facility. First, we had to upgrade the shelter and have 2 custom 12'x10' stalls [day/night use] constructed. After spending 3 months of cleaning 2 large stalls and putting in 12" bedding for the night stall, I was exhausted and knew we had to seek installing stall mats. However, the thought of regular stall mats was daunting because of their weight and having to apply major deodorizing practices because of aeration issues our facility has. While mulling over what to do to alleviate the intensive labour I was encountering along with the amount of bedding used daily and nightly, I fortunately happened to see a brief promo about the equine stsem and its therapeutic attributes and evaporative features in one of the HorseCare magazines. Upon investigating the product on-line, and visiting Millar Brook Farm where they had one of their stalls outfitted with the matting system, we were impressed and I placed my order. The rest is history. The equine stall matting system with its' under-mattresses and top cover is a perfect fit for my elderly horse. Also, cleaning the stall is so much easier without lingering odors because of the evaporative properties the top cover has. Further, less bedding is used. As we all know as horse owners that aside from the high costs of veterinary/farrier services, bedding is another huge expense. I believe my elderly horse with his severe arthritis and major ringbone in his right fore is benefitting significantly from his stall system because he is so comfortable especially because he gets a good night's rest when he lies down on mattresses. He does not have to be stalled 24-hours now. Instead, during the day, he can navigate quite well out to the paddock area and feeding turn-out enjoying his simple lifestyle he so well deserves after 10 years of trail riding in the Alberta rockies, Kananaskis Country and the backcountry in the Okanagan Valley. And, the past 12 years on our acreage's bush trails. The equine stall system, from my perspective, is an excellent therapeutic matting system especially for the kind of quasi-outdoor facility we have for our horses because of major respiratory issues which prevents them from being stabled. I highly recommend the system to horse owners looking for a perfect fit for their stable or run-in shelter. On behalf of my horse, thanks to the manufacturers of this system for producing a product that is so excellent and accommodating not only for the horse, of course, but for the horse owner who mucks-out their stalls. "

– Gayda Errett, Sunny Glen Acres
  Playfairville, Canada


"For the past few years, the Ice on Whyte Fesitval has used the Eco-Flex floor matting for our festival tents. This product is perfect for this application as it helps keep the floor warm, dry, and safe for dancing. The festival has also used the speed bumps to cover elctrical cords for the safety of our visitors. Visitors are pleased that the festival uses a product made from recycled materials. The service and support from Eco-Flex is also fantatasic and we are more then pleased to use their products and services. *Photo by Edward Allen "

– Wanda Bornn, Ice On Whyte Festival
  Edmonton, Canada

Products Used:

- Rubber Square Yard Tiles

Resurfacing Cracked Concrete Patio

"We are very pleased with our back yard patio after using the patio tiles to resurface the original damaged concrete slab. We have received numerous compliments from family members, friends and neighbors. We are especially happy that we had a choice of colours and the terra-cotta we selected closely matches the vinyl trim on our house and garage. The new surface is very comfortable to stand or walk on. As well, the cost of resurfacing the existing patio compared to its removal and replacement was substantially lower. Considering the damage to ground level concrete installations inherently caused by our winters, I would not hesitate to use the appropriate products offered by Eco-Flex rather than concrete for any future installations of a driveway, sidewalk or patio. I would also like to take this opportunity to complement the sales staff on the way they conducted themselves when my wife and I spent time viewing the products and making the purchase. It was a pleasure doing business. "

– Jim Munsey
  Edmonton, Canada

Front & Back Patio

"It's been 1 year since we installed the recycled rubber paving stone mats, and we are still overwhelmed with its beauty and functionality. Regular paving stone requires constant re-leveling and adjusting which is very labor intensive and requires renting several large pieces of equipment. Because the rubber product comes in large interlocking mats, no re-leveling was required, even on a new construction landscape yard. Installation is fun and very quick with a jig saw being the only tool required. It is the first thing to melt off in the winter and easy to shovel. Its great in the summer having a soft surface to walk or lie on. We also used recycled rubber chips for the flower and tree gardens. It adds long lasting color and a neat dimension around plants. This is my new product of choice and would recommend it to everyone. "

– Leann Crook
  Edmonton, Canada

New Back Patio

"We love the product, both the appearance and the feel. Using overlapping pads of this size also helps eliminate unwanted weeds. After preparation of the ground, my wife and i were able to install all the pads on a 14' x 15' patio in less than two hours. When we encountered a small problem with some of the material, the customer service was first rate. "

– Lee Bertsch
  Edmonton, Canada

Equine And Agricultural Installs

"Great product, great durability! After 10 years, our customers have repeatedly returned for more great Eco-Flex rubber products. EQ Barns is in the business of outfitting barn and equestrian facility interiors. In today's market, often quality has been compromised for price. When it comes to horses, this simply doesn't work. We have found that Eco-Flex as a business partner for 10 years now is consistent in providing durable, heavy duty products that stand up to the test of time. "

– Sally Meecham, EQ Barns
  Cochrane, AB

Accessible Beach Mats At Goose Spit Park

"The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD), a local government on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and the Comox Valley accessibility committee engaged in a partnership to look at options for making the beach at one of our regional parks, Goose Spit, accessible. Given the conditions of the beach surface it was decided the ‘rubber sidewalk’ mats would be the best way for those with limited mobility to access the beach. Eco-flex mats provide a smooth, level surface even when installed directly over a sandy and rocky west coast beach. And the fact they are recycled from the rubber of discarded tires fits with the CVRD mandate of encouraging waste reduction in our region. We were especially pleased to be able to buy a Canadian-made product. The positive feedback we have received from park visitors confirms the mats are helping people get to the beach and to enjoy an evening beach fire. "

– Parks Department, Comox Valley Regional District
  Comox Valley, Canada
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