Tech Specs

Maintenance Information

The Eco-flex surface is strong enough to withstand the use of a mechanical floor cleaner during cleaning operations.

For larger, arena sized areas, use an all-in-one floor scrubber with a mild detergent for cleaning the surface of the tiles. These units typically apply detergent solution and scrub the surface, as well as vacuum up the residual suds all in one pass.

For smaller installations outdoors, a mild detergent along with a stiff bristle broom to brush the surface clean is sufficient. Follow by  rinsing with water to remove the loose debris.

For larger outdoor applications, usually a pressure washer with a mild detergent is sufficient.

Should a mechanical cleaning machine not be available for cleaning an indoor installation, it is appropriate to use a mop for maintenance. For a larger amount of soiling, mild detergent and using a broom to scrub the surface may be required. Use a shop wet-vac to vacuum off the cleaning solution after it has been applied.

Overall, it is important to follow a scheduled maintenance program; this ensures regular cleaning of the Eco-Flex surface. If the surface is subject to high traffic, it may be necessary to increase cleaning frequency. Avoid a buildup of organic matter from food items spilled or dropped onto the surface.