Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this material glued/ fastened?

-Neither is required for our full interlocking designs as the product can be installed over a leveled and compacted sub base. The full interlocking design means that the product will stay in place upon installation without the requirement of any fastening devices or adhesives.

-For our under/overlap link system tiles, it is recommended these tiles be both glued and fastened together. Doing so will mitigate expansion, contraction, and movement.

-Our resurfacing tiles - covering existing concrete or wood - must be glued down. As there is a solid base below, 1/2" thick product will suffice. Gluing down will mitigate expansion, contraction, and movement.

  • Other common problems are the loss of filling material between blocks, the erosion of the sub grade, drainage issues and plants growing in between. Would this material address these issues better?

Yes, first off this product does not require any filling materials between seams as our proprietary interlocking design fits tight in all directions and prevents any lateral separation. Eco-Flex® large format tiles also mean less and tighter seams which mean less erosion of the sub base and a reduction from plant growth underneath or the embedding of airborne seed planting in the gaps.


  • What type of sub grade is required?

The sub grade for our products would be the same as for interlocking brick, asphalt, or concrete. No specialized treatment required.

  • Does it come in blocks or panel/sheet?

Our Eco-Flex® products come in both formats, individual bricks and large format tiles ranging from 9 sq.ft. per unit up to 112 sq.ft. per unit.

  • Is this material useful for wheelchair ramps?

Yes, all wheeled implements including walkers and strollers and even pedestrian with canes have easy access when on these surfaces due to the non-slip, sure footed characteristics, even when wet.

  • How does this material withstand vandalism (pieces taking out, cut, or burned?)

The density of this rubber surface allows for spray paint to be power washed away if done so within a few days. As the surface is not porous, gum will not as readily stick to the surface and can also be power washed away. The density also provides durability against knifes for carving initials, etc. As for theft or vandalism due to removal, the sections are quite heavy and not that easy to access or lift once installed. It would be as cumbersome as stealing interlocking pavers. As for burning, the product is fire rated and will not ignite on the surface.

  • How durable is Eco-Flex®?

As Eco-Flex® is manufactured from recycled car tires it takes on the same durability characteristics of a car tire. Other than going flat, which Eco-Flex® products cannot physically do, a car tire never disintegrates and is durable through all weather and climate conditions and last for years without breaking down. The same applies to our Eco-Flex® products.

  • What is the price range per sq.ft? How much is the material and the installation?

The price range of our products are from $4 - $10 per sq.ft depending on the product and application. As for installation, it is much faster than other conventional base products.

For example: The price for an interlocking brick paver is $3 - $4 per sq.ft. The price for our multi-access products are $5 - $8 per sq.ft. The base preparation for both are the same. The installation time for a 4 person crew on 10,000 sq.ft. of brick paver is approx. 2 - 3 weeks. The installation time for a 4 person crew on 10,000 sq.ft. of our multi-access product is 2 - 3 DAYS.

Real brick pavers require sand to fill the gaps. Eco-Flex® does not.

Also take into account the cost savings over time associated with Eco-Flex® and its modular benefits to allow for fast and easy adjustments without losing your initial product investment.